Caribe Bloom - Whole Bean Coffee - Light/Med

Caribe Bloom - Whole Bean Coffee - Light/Med

12 oz Bag of Whole Bean Coffee
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A lighter roast gives this coffee a pleasant floral aroma with a taste of black tea and pink lemonade that complements the arrival of longer days and new growth.

We have enjoyed this coffee as a pour-over, AeroPress and as a drip coffee.

Blended from areas of Costa Rica with Caribbean influence, Caribe is a new coffee from the team at Aquiares Estate. A light roast gives this washed coffee a taste of black tea and lemon, with the lemon becoming more prominent as the coffee cools.  The pleasant floral aroma and light mouthfeel make this coffee ideal for hot summer days.

Aquiares Estate devotes 80 percent of its land to growing high quality coffee and the remaining 20 percent to conservation. Coffee plots are interlaced with over a dozen natural springs and almost 20 kilometers in streams, all protected with buffer zones in line with the property's Rainforest Alliance certification. These streams form a network of natural corridors through the farm that connect the large, protected forests in the two river valleys, providing a healthy environment for the local animals, birds, and plants. The coffee farm and the community at Aquiares are mutually connected with the farm providing services, land, security and jobs.