Farm Tours

Love where your food comes from.

We are not offering tours at this time.

This time of year is extremely busy for us so we've had to hit pause on tours for a little while. We'll hopefully be able to offer them again after Pumpkin patch in October. We offer hay ride tours during pumpkin patch so be sure to visit us then!

How It Works

1 Sign Up

Send an email to
Please include the number in your group and a few dates that you'd be able to come.

2 Prepare

We'll get you on the schedule and send you any details.
In the mean time you should get hyped up for a great farm experience!

3 Arrive

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and sturdy clothing, sun screen etc.
Once you arrive your tour guide will meet you and show you around.

What to expect on your tour.

Tours last about an hour but can last up to two. This largely depends on your engagement. Your tour guide will be one of our farmers NOT a professional tour guide so be sure to come with lots of questions to get the most out of the experience. These tours don't have any set structure or topics but typically we try and show you all of our core operation points such as cows on pasture, laying hens, hogs and any crops we have growing at the time. We'll discuss our farming practices and answer any questions. If there is anything specific you want to see please mention it in your email.

These tours are geared towards adults who are interested in farming. Kids are welcome and often really enjoy the farm but these are not educational tours geared specifically towards kids. .

We have two types of tours Informal and Large Group.

Informal Tours are limited to groups of 5 or less. These tours are free. We'll ride around on the golf cart (if it is running) and chat about farming for about an hour. We only ask that you visit our farm shop on the way out. We require at least a 1 to 1 child to adult ratio for informal tours.

Large Group Tours are any group larger than 5 and typically less than 20. Typically group tours are less than $10 per person. Please send us an email telling us about your group for a quote. We'll take a hay wagon tour of the farm for about an hour.

For questions about Field Trips please email

On the day of your tour be sure to wear sturdy clothes & comfortable shoes. We also recommend sunscreen, bug spray and a bottle of water. We won't be near a bathroom so just keep that in mind too.