Pork Chop Seasoning (Rosemary, Mint)

Pork Chop Seasoning (Rosemary, Mint)

1 pkg Herbs

Whether planting vegetable, fruits, or herbs, we strive to disturb the soil only enough to plant a seed or cover the roots of a seedling. By practicing minimal soil disturbance, we conserve moisture, build natural fertility, and keep the soil ecosystem intact to do what it does best – grow plants. To compete against pests that would like to eat our crops before our friends and customers do, we practice a diverse planting schedule. This means that we practice crop rotation – never planting the same species back to back – and companion planting, which means that we plant plants together that make good neighbors. 

One package with a variety of fresh herbs, weighing approximately .5 oz. This seasoning pack consists of Rosemary and Mint, which makes for the perfect duo for pork chops or other pork cuts.


Rosemary, Mint.