Pork tenderloin medallions

Pork tenderloin medallions

One pork tenderloin medallion
$14.00/lb. Avg. 4 oz.
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Our hogs gleefully amble around our wood lines, pastures, and marginal areas, often breaking into a sprint to be the first to fresh acorns, radishes, grubs, and grass. As we observe the conditions in our pastures, we serve as foraging sommeliers for our passel (farmer lingo for a group of hogs), scouting for quality and leading them to the next best spot. To round out the diet of our pigs, we supplement with locally sourced, Non-GMO feed to make sure each stays happy and healthy. We pride ourselves in local partnerships, like we have with Barrier Mills, that help us to keep our quality high and our environmental impact low. While pork is known as “the other white meat”, you’ll notice that our pork more closely resembles a steak than chicken, a sign that our animals receive plenty of exercise.

Hodges Farm Bone-in Pork Tenderloin medallions are the most tender portion of the pig, being cut from the the pig's central spine. These medallions are approximately .35 lbs per package. These cuts are very similar to steaks in how you prepare them. Lightly seasoned and seared in a stovetop pan or on the grill is recommended.


Non-GMO, never any fillers.