Red Barn Chicken - Whole

Red Barn Chicken - Whole

Avg 3-4.5lb package, one whole chicken

Limit 1 Per Order

$7.50 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

One whole frozen chicken per package, weighing between 3-4.5lbs. Whole chickens are best prepared roasted, smoked, grilled, fried or stuffed. Pair with our fresh herbs and produce for best results. 

Hodges farm chickens are raised outside on pasture - 24/7- like nature intended. They hunt, peck, and scratch for natural forages, like bugs, grass, and seeds. They truly express their natural behaviors. All of their supplemental feed comes from a local family run mill in Mount Pleasant, NC that grinds only non-GMO grain grown on their farm. We pride ourselves in local partnerships, like we have with Barrier Mills, as well as Red Barn who processes & packages the chicken once they leave the pasture, that helps us to keep our quality high and our environmental impact low.


Non-GMO, never any fillers.