Round Bottom Steak

Round Bottom Steak

Avg .4lb cut steak
$9.00 /lb.
Avg. 6.4 oz.

Think of a round bottom steak as a single serving roast. Prepare with your favorite, low and slow or brazing method, and serve just like a roast or add lean protein to any number of dishes.

Our Black Angus cows are sourced from other trusted and 100% grass-fed farms as steer calves and raised right here on the lush fields of Hodges Family Farm. Never fed any grain, our cows move from paddock to paddock grazing on fresh, diverse fields until they are fully mature - 24 to 27 months. We try to think of what we do as maintaining a healthy grassland ecosystem, building the soil that grows the grass and forbs and allowing the cows to raise themselves in as natural an environment as possible. Thanks to the active lifestyle that our cows enjoy, our beef is naturally lean and flavorful.

True to Hodges’ belief in transparency and animal welfare, our cows are processed at Piedmont Custom Meats, an Animal Welfare Approved processing facility and who is willing to open their doors to tours - a rarity in the industry. After a full 14 day dry aging at PCM, our beef is expertly packaged and ends up right here in our store within about three weeks.


Grass-fed, never any fillers.