Sweet's Elderberry Extract - 8oz

Sweet's Elderberry Extract - 8oz

8 oz bottle

Sweet’s Elderberry Extract is an organic, unsweetened concentrate, offering a powerful 3,000 mg of elderberry per daily serving. It tastes simple and clean, not sweet.

This simple, vegan, alcohol-free product is perfect if you're:

● Seeking no-frills health and wellness boosters.

● Interested in a very economical product with a highly concentrated form of elderberry.

● Avoiding sugars or sweeteners due to clean eating, a keto diet, vegan lifestyle, or diabetes management.

Bottle size: 8 fl oz

Serving size: 1 TBSP daily for adults, 1 tsp daily for infants/children. May repeat 2-3 times a day if needed. Safe while pregnant/nursing. Safe for infants.


Ingredients: Organic dried elderberries, purified water, organic vegetable glycerin (sourced from flax, used to extract goodness from elderberries and ease bitterness) and malic acid (sourced from apples, used to stabilize and preserve). This product is shelf-stable for up to 2 years from production. Refrigerate after opening.